Friday, October 11, 2013

El Wire + Myo Sensor = Project Elmo.

Working on a suit that lights up your muscles when they’re contracting. I think it’ll look amazing in performance and long exposure shots. But first some prototyping.

I started with the El Escudo Dos shield to sequence multiple electroluminescent wires and hook them up to the inverter. Once I got that working I sewed them onto the arm of a wetsuit I’d intended for the laser cutter months ago, before I realized neoprene and lasers don’t mix!

Then I used Sparkfun’s Muscle Sensor Kit to read the muscle contractions but somehow managed to fry the board. I spent a night at VHS working with an oscilloscope for the first time, tracking the signal through the circuit. Those things are cool and it was fun to see the signal react to my movements for the first time.

In the end I wasn’t able to repair the board and had to buy another. This time it worked without a hitch.

Next step was to combine the muscle sensor with the EL wire setup. It mostly works but the issue I’ve run into now is that the high voltage from the EL wire gets picked up by the myoelectric sensor so I can’t get a good reading. Going to try different placements of the el wire but might have to switch to using LED strips.

The adventure continues.


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